In Servivce Training Programme

The PODSQUAD In-Service Training Programme focuses on innovative learning approaches for youth professionals to adopt when working with young adult NEETs. The programme aims to develop the skills of youth professionals and intermediaries to provide audio production training and support NEETs in using portable media devices for podcasting. It also trains participants to work effectively in an inquiry-based and blended learning model, recognise the benefits and risks of online learning, and safeguard against negative online factors.

The in-service curriculum consists of a total of 46 hours of training, which will be divided as follows: 


Induction Session

A 4-hour induction session that introduces participants to PODSQUAD and the innovative inquiry-based and embedded-learning pedagogic approach being pursued.


Face-to-Face Workshop

21 hours of face-to-face workshop instruction, focusing on the PODSQUAD Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum.


Self-Directed Learning

21 hours of self-directed online learning, covering the more pedagogic and theoretical elements of the curriculum. This section will include strategies for engaging NEETs through remote learning

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